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Discover New Art is a small team of writers and dreamers who want to uplift the craft and careers of all literary voices. Right now, our distinct and inclusive platforms include the digital journals The Masters Review, Frontier Poetry, CRAFT Literary, Palette Poetry, Fractured Lit, and The Voyage Journal, as well as the deadline service Literistic.

DNA began with our founding editor, Kim Winternheimer, and her passion for good stories. In 2011, she founded The Masters Review, a platform for serving new writers. After building the magazine into an internationally respected voice for the community, the team decided to expand our passion for uplifting authors and serving readers into poetry. Our Editorial Director, Joshua Roark, joined the team in 2017 as the founding editor of Frontier Poetry. With those initial successes, we've invited in new leadership and our dreams expanded beyond the initial idea of the singular small press in isolation.

In the years that followed, we’ve been able to leverage our unique digital co-op of magazines (now including CRAFT, Palette Poetry, Fractured Lit, The Voyage Journal, and Uncharted Magazine) into uplifting thousands of writers and delivering exciting new art to hundreds of thousands of readers, in ways we never imagined possible. The journey has been an incredible blessing and honor to our team of writers and literary nerds, who get the rare opportunity to devote themselves to serving our vibrant and diverse literary community.

As we look forward into the new decade, we see incredible opportunity for serving writers and uplifting all literary voices. We are eager, filled with childlike wonder for what’s possible, and ready to share our love of the written word with everyone we possibly can.


A Platform for Emerging Writers

The Masters Review is a journal dedicated to publishing fiction and narrative nonfiction by emerging writers. TMR provides resources to emerging writers with workshops, agency review, and essays on craft by established writers. Our New Voices category is always free and always open, and we pay every single one of our writers. One of our most significant projects: The Masters Review publishes a print anthology featuring 10 new short stories and essays selected by a prestigious guest judge each year.

Exploring the Art of Fiction

Established in 2017, CRAFT is a literary magazine for fiction. We explore how fiction works, reading short stories and flash fiction with a focus on the elements of craft, on the art of fiction. We feature previously unpublished short fiction weekly, with occasional reprints, as well as weekly critical pieces including essays on narrative craft, interviews, book annotations and reviews, and more. Each published work of fiction includes an author’s note that discusses craft and stylistics in the story. We do not charge fees for our short and flash fiction submissions, or for our craft category, and we are a paying market. We value accessibility—keeping CRAFT free to read and free to submit to is our priority. All fiction published in CRAFT comes through submission; we do not solicit fiction.

Welcome Home, Poet

Palette Poetry is a poetry journal focused on crafting a beautiful space for poetry online. We’ve published big names and new poets, side-by-side, with an emphasis on producing an elegant experience of digital publication for every contributor. Our Featured Poetry category remains open year-round, free to submit—and from which we publish new poems every Monday. And our lyric essay columns provide space for poets like Franny Choi to feel and write their way through prose.

Exploring the Edges of Contemporary Poetry

Frontier Poetry is a digital journal dedicated to uplifting, supporting, and inspiring emerging poets. Through our resource-rich columns and interviews, our significant prize amount and publication reach, we have established ourselves as a vital and vibrant stop for our rising poetry community. We publish work by new voices every Friday, and we hold that diversity in our contributors and editorial team is of utmost importance.

Welcome to the Future of Flash

Fractured Lit works with all writers, established as well as emerging. We want to find Flash with emotional resonance and characters we care about, who come to life through their actions and responses to the world around them. We’re searching for Flash that investigates the mysteries of being human, the sorrow and the joy of connecting to the diverse population around us. Flash Fiction is published on Mondays. Throughout the week, we publish other content that explores the roots and the future of the flash form and genre, including essays, interviews and more.

An Inclusive New Home for Young Adult Literature

We are proud to announce the launch of The Voyage Journal, a new digital platform led by Editor, Racquel Henry. Voyage is an online literary journal dedicated to young adult literature from both emerging and established voices. The magazine is not interested in publishing a specific genre of YA, but wants to share quality work by writers from a variety of backgrounds, especially #ownvoices.

A Premier Publisher of Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Thrillers, and Mysteries

UNCHARTED began with the goal of publishing thrilling genre short stories; stories you can’t stop reading, stories you want to share with your friends, with the world. Stories that beguile, that investigate the shadows, that recalibrate how we see the world now and in the future. Stories that break our hearts or rebuild us with the jetsam of new technology. Stories that intrigue and entertain, that spike our heart rates, and leave us with the pang of nostalgia as tradition and experimentation compete for our headspace.

Storytellers, readers, fans of genre writing—we welcome you home.

We Make Contests Come to You

Every month, Literistic collects an exhaustive list of deadlines for submissions to literary publications, contests and fellowships, which is sent out via email to our subscribers. We know so well the friction and frustration of searching for the right opportunity at the right time—we want to make that journey easier, no matter your genre or experience.

A pocket-sized fine arts program

Pursue your passion and join the Pocket MFA, a 12 week creative writing program with the rigor and community of graduate-level instruction at home and on budget.

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A Statement from the DNA team on Black Lives Matter

Discover New Art stands with Black Lives Matter and against the systematic oppression of Black communities in our country. On behalf of our editorial teams and our magazines, we have made donations in support to the following:

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Colin Kaepernick's Know Your Rights Camp

We Love Lake Street

National Bail Fund Network

Black Lives Matter

The Trevor Project

The Gas Mask Fun

The Los Angeles Action Bail Fund

The Florida Bail Fund

...and more. We encourage all who are able to do the same.