Innovation is central to our ethos at Discover New Art. We use a forward-thinking approach as we pursue fresh ideas to serve writers. By fostering a culture of methodical innovation, we champion boundary-pushing, and we view every experiment, whether successful or not, as a valuable learning experience. Our commitment to growth means we embrace risks with passion and intentionality. Open to progressive change, we listen attentively and track our results. While new ideas fuel our mission to influence industry change, we remain adaptable: we understand that growth often lies in the lessons learned from bold endeavors.

We are deeply committed to uplifting all writers, including those from historically underserved groups, by recognizing and celebrating the transformative power of their work. As writers ourselves, our dedication goes beyond mere surface support—we genuinely believe in the potential of every writer, of every authentic voice. Through our platforms, publications, and opportunities, we strive to create an environment in which our diverse artistic community can truly flourish.

We approach every project, every opportunity, with honesty and transparency. We set aside our egos for the sake of the greater good. Our editors and directors serve the entire company, and thereby the greater literary community, with both empathy and forthrightness. We are mindful in our internal and external interactions—we anticipate the effects of our communications from all perspectives, with a focus on kindness, mutual respect, and clarity. We lead with emotional intelligence to foster meaningful relationships.

Our team's extensive experience as writers, teachers, and editors attests to our profound understanding of the literary landscape and the contemporary writer. We recognize the unique needs of our audience to ensure that we provide enduring value with unwavering integrity. Our curiosity and market awareness inspire us to ask relevant questions, seek out trends, and expand our reach within the industry.

Our commitment to process optimization enables our efficiency and effectiveness. We rely on consistent practices but always seek to refine those practices. Overall, we strive for repeatable, high-quality experiences through both incremental and comprehensive improvements. We are able to do this by making non-stop incremental and giant leap improvements in our offerings then immediately working them into our processes. We embrace that we can improve every day.

Our team excels in long-term planning and goal-setting; we purposefully strategize to align our actions with our mission. We first consider the unmet needs of our customers and then engage in proactive problem-solving of potential challenges. We collaboratively brainstorm new, enriching offers for writers, and we implement our plans with both alacrity and accuracy. We believe that the highest levels of professionalism can achieve the best results for our company and our community.

Through our long-standing presence in the industry and commitment to sustainability, we will achieve longevity and cultivate a legacy of distinction. Our practical knowledge translates into tangible solutions that make writers' lives easier and more fulfilling. We collaborate with individuals who share our authentic passion for helping other writers. We embrace a servant leadership approach to add value to the lives and communities we serve.